Our students are the heart and soul of our mission here at the Dominican University College Foundation. Hence, every donation contributes to their fulfillment.

“There are not many women pursuing their doctorate in philosophy. I am one of them. For these reasons, it is precious to me to receive a scholarship inspired by a woman of head and heart. Mother Élisabeth-Bruyère is a model for me. Her commitment inspires me and I feel touched to be associated with this exceptional woman through the scholarship I have received.”

Marie-Éveline Bélinga

“To have the privilege of studying philosophy at the Dominican University College, to participate in the very unique experience that this precious institution offers, is for me formative and transformative. The university, a place of great rigor, self-measurement and right of passage, must also continue to be a place where one grows in depth as a person and not just as a learner and citizen. And as such, the College and its philosophy faculty is a fitting place for such a journey.”

Daniel Rivet

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the entrance scholarship I received from the Dominican University College Foundation. This scholarship has allowed my young family and I a respite from the economic necessities of life, allowing me to concentrate on my work in environmental ethics and self-alienation.

One cannot achieve high goals without time, and this scholarship affords me the time to not only better myself, but, hopefully, our community as well by way of my research and work.

I am truly grateful for the support the Foundation has shown me since arriving at Dominican University College, and I think this scholarship exemplifies the values of the College itself. I hope my work extends the College’s mission beyond the boundaries of DUC, perhaps making our world slightly better."

Jeff Jakubec

"I am one of the students following the liturgical and sacramental course at the Dominican University College. This course has been a real pleasure for me to follow, as it has allowed me to extend my knowledge in the liturgy of the Word, as well as providing me with spiritual depth.

The knowledge I have acquired during the first year of this course has allowed me to have a better understanding of the importance of every moment during a celebration. The significance and the symbolism of the celebrations made me see the liturgy of the Word in a whole different way. This has inspired me to play with space and anchor our dominical celebrations to better reflect our daily lives, such that all the members of the assembly can experience an enhanced moment of communion during our celebrations. I feel now that I am more capable to better contribute to the preparation of our celebrations.

There are still three parts to this course I still have to take during the year, but I am very excited to continue my learnings.
I also look forward to meet up with my classmates, with whom we developped a fraternal environment. My classmates are from all sorts of different backgrounds, pastoral agents, clerics, nuns, lays and as well as priests.

Such a diversity has been very rewarding for me. I feel like I get to learn a lot from them. More importantly, we all feel that we benefit from the content of this course which is of high academic quality."

Gabriela Turmel

“The scholarship I received from the Dominican University College Foundation came at the right time to help me meet the academic and customary requirements of student life.

The awarding of the Esther Blondin Scholarship has completely changed my horizon as a recipient. I hope to continue to make positive progress, with the Dominican University College Foundation, in the hope of a better tomorrow, in competence and as a passer of humanity.”

Denis Astrel