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Saint Catherine of Siena Chair

in theology of the spiritual life

The Saint Catherine of Siena Chair is a university center for research, training and expertise in the theology of the spiritual life. She is part of the Dominican Center for Ethics and Spiritual Life (CDEVS) at the Dominican University College (CUD). It proposes a renewed approach to the theology of the spiritual life by calling upon the resources of the Christian Tradition. It seeks to elaborate a process of spiritual healing in its different forms: a transformation of a spiritual awakening into an inner dynamism, a refreshment of an already existing spiritual life, a new spiritual impulse in the midst of life’s trials.

The chair aims at rediscovering the heritage of the Christian Tradition, particularly the Dominican one, which has proved its worth but which needs to be rediscovered, renewed and redeployed, in the concrete of existence. This heritage provides tools for naming and clarifying the issues of the spiritual life. It offers resources for discerning and situating the Spirit’s action in concrete life. It provides material to develop proposals that nourish the heart by giving a taste for the things of God.

The chair seeks to reach three groups of people:

  • People who have experienced a spiritual awakening (spiritual birth) and are seeking to nurture and deepen their spiritual life. The objective of the Chair is to transform and deepen this spiritual awakening into a spiritual dynamism (new breath) that will be sustained over time thanks to the resources of the Christian Tradition.

  • Consecrated persons in the Church (monks, nuns, religious, apostolic nuns, members of new communities) who are seeking a new impetus for their spiritual life. The objective of the pulpit is to refresh their spiritual life in order to get out of the routine, the dryness, the sadness, the acedia, through a rereading of their life of faith and their founding charisma, through a deepening of the resources of the Christian Tradition.

  • Wounded people who are looking for a new spiritual impetus after having gone through trials, disappointments, ruptures, dissatisfactions in the exploration of paths that proved to be illusory. The objective of the chair is to offer them a path of spiritual healing in order to acquire freedom of choice, decision and orientation in Christ in the Holy Spirit; to give them reference points by calling upon the Christian Tradition to help them name deviations or disorientations and to deepen the knowledge of self in God and the knowledge of God in oneself

Chairholder: Sister Catherine Aubin, O.P.

Catherine Aubin, a Dominican nun with a doctorate in theology, teaches spiritual and sacramental theology in Rome and in Montreal. She is also a contributor to Vatican Radio and the Osservatore Romano, and gives conferences and retreats in Europe. She has published Pray with your body (2005) and The windows of the soul (2010), as well as Les saveurs de la prière (2016), La Joie retrouvée (2017) and Sept maladies spirituelles (2019), published by Salvator. Some of his works have been translated into several languages.

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