Head Start Project

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It has been said that children, as well as teenagers are curious, that they ask questions, that they wish to understand how things work. Constantly rediscovering their surroundings, while trying to engage in relationships with their peers, children try to understand and find themselves in a world in motion. Children are not dogmatic, nor sceptic and not even cynic… They are, most of the time not satisfied with the response we give them. They navigate the world accepting authority while questionning it all at the same time. In one word, they are ‘critical thinkers’. Philosophers …

At the Dominican University College, we believe that teaching philosophy to our youth is essential, as most of the time, in Quebec and Ontario, philosophy is not taught in middle or high school.

The Head Start Project responds to a need in society to introduce children and teenagers to philosophy by developping their critical thinking skills and by encouraging the exchange of ideas through a diversified set of activities.

These activities include :

  • philosophy workshops for children between 9 and 15 years of age;
  • an introduction to a philosophy and critical thinking workshop for teenagers between 15 and 17.

Some of the themes discussed during these workshops include :

  • Philosophy and Human Rights;
  • an Introduction to Rhetorics : Leadership and Public speaking;
  • A reflexion on achieving ecological sustainability;
  • Creativity, innovation and entreprenarial spirit;
  • Science and Ethics;
  • Business Ethics;
  • L’éthique des affaires.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, we would like to sincerely thank The Molson Fondation for sponsoring this project.