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The financial support provided by the Dominican University College Fondation covers teaching, financial support to students, research, publishing as well as sustaining the library of the Dominican University College and it’s Pastoral Institute.

Our Projects

The Dominican University College Fondation assists the Dominican University College with the following projects :

Our Bursaries

The Dominican University College Fondation, thanks to the generosity of it’s donors, offers several bursaries to the students of the Dominican University College and it’s Pastoral Institute in need.

Please consult our Bursaries page to discover our list of bursuraries offered.

Our Research Chairs

It is in the nature of the dominicans to think about the challenges our society faces. It is in that spirit that the Dominican University College has decided to create two research chairs on themes essentiel for our society.

Our list of research Chairs :

The Noël-Mailloux chair, on ethics, spirituality and care

La Lawrence-Dewan chair , on philosophy and St. Thomas Aquinas