Noël-Mailloux Chair

Ethics, spirituality and care

Father Noël Mailloux –psychologist, philosopher, moralist and theologian – has been a professor of personality psychology at the École normale secondaire, manager-founder of the Université de Montréal’s Institute of Psychology and professor of Experimental Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy (Full Professor) of the Université de Montréal.

He is the author of many books.


Father Noël Mailloux (1909-1997), dominican priest, has been an influential figure of the academic and the social scene. Psychologist, he was known to perceive the intellectual paradigms’ changes, necessary to sustain a renewal of the care practice, especially for the young and the criminals. His essays witness an attention to the person, to its ability to act and to change within legal frames; they signal an attention to the care’s ethical issues. Discretely, they offer anthropological anchors more stimulating for the “spiritual” dimension. His practice and his studies still inspire today !

Taking into account the transformations of laws, institutions and « care » practices in society; the increase of the religious and spiritual offer; the renewals of the reflection in bioethics and in ethics being both philosophical and theological; the Dominican University College will deploy the work of that chair according to four axes: ethics and practices’ epistemology; theoretical and practical foundations of bioethics and of clinical ethics; ethics and spirituality in practices and care institutions; contribution of the theological reflection to the bioethics.

Those four axes join many research projects already completed at the Dominican University College. We have especially explored the fields of the end of life’s ethics and the psychiatry’s ethics.

Moreover, works have already been done and are continuing to investigate on the integration and circulation of the spiritualities in palliative care in an institutional context. Finally, there has been a questioning on the pertinence and the contribution of the theology in the debates around the contemporary ethical questions concerning the living which is underlying to those various axes.

The creation of the Research Chair “Noël Mailloux in ethics, spirituality and care” reinforces and develops the work in a field where the Dominican University College has already actively invested. We are looking for annual donations or to establish a fund allowing to generate annually such a sum.

Use of funds :

  • Offering a research seminar and specialized courses in moral theology, bioethics and spirituality;
  • Offering a research bursary to the graduate students and to support their participation to the seminars;
  • Organizing seminars and/or research groups on themes of ethics, bioethics and spirituality;
  • To raise the library’s fund on these subjects.




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