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projet bibliotheque college universitaire dominicain

Over 130,000 books

Located in the former Dominican choir section of Saint Jean Baptiste Convent, the library of the Dominican University College specializes in philosophy and theology and offers a space that fosters reading, studying and research.

The library has over 130,000 books and 400 scholarly journals arranged over five stories. The library is now full, and ready to meet the needs of DUC professors and students as well as researchers from other institutions.

Our collection of books from the 15th till 17th century

Major investments are needed to expand and modernize the library infrastructure. But there is more.

DUC is asking for help in a project to make its traditional collections more accessible and to preserve them ; to restore and showcase a collection of books from the 15th till 18th century ; and to make available to the public various funds recently granted to the DUC (on the Bible, film, international development, psychology, etc.).

At a time when theology centres in Canada are closing, and when public libraries are often being downsized, the DUC believes it is important to develop an accessible and user-friendly university library.


As we look toward the future of Dominican University College, we have decided to enlarge our library.

We need to make it fully accessible to students and people with special needs, and to render it more user-friendly while continuing to buy relevant books in philosophy and theology.