Lawrence-Dewan Chair

Philosophy and Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Lawrence Dewan, o.p., has been a professor of Philosophy at the Dominican University College. He has enriched, for more than 30 years, the areas of Thomistic Metaphysics, Natural Philosophy and Ethics with brilliant lucidity, depth and the exhaustiveness of his researches on the many facets of Saint Thomas Aquinas’ heritage.

He is the author of many books.

“The Study of philosophy is not that we may know what men have thought, but what the truth of things is.” Saint Thomas Aquinas

The philosophical and theological writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas, dominican of the XIIIth Century, have deep and controversial influences on the Western thought. The last century has seen a renewal of the Thomistics Studies. It is in that aspect that new approaches and perspectives are developping with a reborn interest for his writings and propositions. Researchers from various horizons apply their critical thinking faculties on arguments signed by him.

At the Dominican University College, we benefit from a continuous tradition of reading and interpretation of the philosophical and theological writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

For almost 30 years, Br. Lawrence Dewan has deepened and analysed the taught Saint Thomas Aquinas’ arguments in the framework of a philosophical search of wisdom. His annual seminary focuses on his particular interest for metaphysics and ethics.

During those years, he has also taught and participated in seminars in Canada, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Colombia and Europe.

He has maintained a constant dialogue with other important figures of Thomism and modern thought. He died in February 2015.

The Dominican University College honours his memory, prolongs his tradition, and maintains an annual seminar on Saint Thomas Aquinas. That’s why the Lawrence Dewan Chair in Philosophy and Saint Thomas Aquinas has been created.

Use of funds:

  • To support graduate and post-graduate students who desire studying Saint Thomas Aquinas and Br. Lawrence Dewan;
  • To continue the annual seminar on Thomas Aquinas and philosophy;
  • To meet the organizing needs of special conferences in english and french on Saint Thomas Aquinas;
  • To buy books on Saint Thomas Aquinas for the library;
  • To publish the writings of Br. Lawrence Dewan.

We are looking for annual donations or the establishment of a fund allowing to generate annually such a sum.


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