The Classical College fascinates by the quality and depth of its training as a basis for intellectual development and a framework for reflection and analysis.

“In other words, the kind of training that allows you to make up your mind by relying more on your general culture, your capacity for analysis and links with the historical context… than on what the last person you spoke with just said”.

Classical College training emphasized history, theology, philosophy, literature (especially the classics of ancient authors) and rhetoric. The original Collège classique is eight years of full-time study! Clearly, this is not very realistic for a clientele of young professionals.

The challenge is therefore to develop short, intensive and inspiring courses that take up the best objectives of the classic Collège, but adapt them to the realities of young professionals’ lives.


  • Deepen your analytical skills and your ability to make links with the historical context;
  • Enrich your general knowledge, especially in the fields of philosophy, history and politics;
  • Develop a better ability to analyze and identify fundamental issues (beyond first impressions, partisan judgments, short-sighted contexts);

Even though our training courses are rooted in historical frameworks, they are always linked to current issues and challenges.


Contribution: $25 for the Tuesday conference ● $75 for the Saturday morning online or in person
Two ways to pay: ● Send an electronic transfer to (no receipt) ● Make a donation to FCUD’s Dominican University College Dewan Chair (with tax receipt): https: //