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The Dominican Center for Ethics and Spiritual Life (CDEVS) is an innovative project that was created on the initiative of a few Dominican professors who had the desire to work together and to unite their skills in theology of spiritual life and in ethics, especially bioethics and ethics of care.

The mission of the CDEVS

The mission of the CDEVS is to bring the Gospel and its power of conversion to people who are thirsty for meaning and inspiration within our society.

This mission is “Dominican” in its approach to preaching: to proclaim the word ad intra (by aiming at the understanding of the faith in ecclesial communities) and ad extra (by entering into dialogue with the contemporary world) through an apostolic approach rooted in contemplation and conversation, in order to transmit and share the fruits of this quest.

It is above all a “Dominican” center:

    • A community of study, research and teaching;
    • Rooted in the Dominican intellectual and spiritual tradition: notably Thomas Aquinas, Albert the Great, Catherine of Siena, Bartholomew of Las Casas, Francisco de Vitoria, Marie-Dominique Chenu, Yves Congar, Jean-Marie-Roger Tillard, etc.
    • Aiming at the intelligence of faith (veritas) and dialogue with the contemporary world both in its progress and in its places of fracture, fragility and intranquility (mission ad gentes);
    • Through an approach centered on the study of the Word of God and the resources of the Tradition of faith (the sources), drawing on the philosophical traditions;
    • According to St. Dominic’s intuition that we must care for people and accompany them in their suffering, their aspirations and their search for meaning (mission of compassion).

The activities of the CDEVS

The activities of the CDEVS combine a dual approach, academic and apostolic, the two being inseparable:

    • Short and flexible training courses on specialized issues, relevant and adapted to target audiences, thanks to cross-disciplinary approaches;
    • Customized training and interventions with various groups in professional settings;
    • Research and dissemination activities: university publications, public and specialized conference cycles, organization of colloquiums, presence in the media;
    • Activities of consultation and accompaniment of people and professional practices in the field.

The CDEVS team

Brother Didier Caenepeel has been a professor of moral theology and bioethics for 17 years at CUD, with experience in clinical ethics in health care institutions, particularly in psychiatry. He is co-tenant of the Noël-Mailloux Chair in Ethics of Care.

Sister Catherine Aubin, after having been a professor of sacramental and spiritual theology in several pontifical faculties in Rome, including the Angelicum, now continues to teach at CUD. In addition, after having collaborated with Vatican Radio, she remains present in various media in Quebec. She holds the St. Catherine of Siena Chair in Theology of the Spiritual Life.

Brother Thomas de Gabory is assistant professor of moral theology and bioethics. He has extensive experience as a physician specializing in HIV/AIDS and palliative care. He is co-tenant of the Noël-Mailloux Chair in Ethics of Care.

Brother Emmanuel Durand studied philosophy and theology in Paris and Louvain. He then taught theology for 13 years in Paris (2001-2014), 4 years in Ottawa (2015-2019) and 2 years in Rome (2019-2020), before joining Fribourg. He directs the collection Cogitatio Fidei published by Éditions du Cerf (Paris) and is one of the AVEPRO (Vatican) experts for the French-speaking world. He is co-holder of the Chair of Gospel, Theology and Life.

Sister Marie de Lovinfosse, a Sister of the Congregation of Notre-Dame, has a doctorate in theology with a specialization in the study of Sacred Scripture. Passionate about the languages of the Bible, she taught Old and New Testament exegesis at the Institut de formation théologique de Montréal. She contributes to various academic and pastoral journals dedicated to listening to the Bible in different contexts. She is co-holder of the Chair of Gospel, Theology and Life.

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