The mission

Constituted in 1982, the Dominican University College Foundation’s mandate is to insure the development of the Dominican University College as a learning centre in philosophy, theology and pastoral, while increasing its influence. The financial contribution of the Foundation covers teaching, support to students, research, formation of professors, research publications, maintenance and development of libraries, and maintenance and acquisition of didactic material.

institut pastorale

The Pastoral Institute

The Pastoral Institute is the montrealese university center of the Dominican university College, founded in 1900, who’s social headquarters are in Ottawa. For more than 800 years, the spiritual and intellectual tradition of the Dominicans has been characterized by the search of truth, rigor and freedom in reflection. The Dominican University College is known to be particularly sensitive to the cultural and social contexts, the explicit service of the Gospel and the intelligence of faith.

Since 1960, the Pastoral Institute incarnates that tradition in Montreal, in the fields of Christian and ecclesial life. In it, Professors and students form a learning and research community, in the colleges’ spirit which were the basic unity of the universities since their foundation in the Middle Ages. It’s a university at a human size ! The Institute focuses prioritarily on the pastoral service of the Christian communities, the education of faith and the proposition of the Gospel in today’s society. The Pastoral Institute also shares the university status of the Dominican University College. The Institute’s programs and diplomas are recognized by the Ministry of Education of Quebec.

The Dominican University College

The Dominican University College, first established in Ottawa in 1900, by the Canadian Province of the Dominican Order, is one of the oldest university colleges in the nation’s capital. Its educational roots lie in the studium generale of 1260 at the very beginning of the development of universities in Europe. With its specialization in philosophy and theology, Dominican University College is devoted to the search for truth in an environment which nourishes critical thinking, amicable dialogue and a unique educational experience.